Pretreatment steel plate shot blasting machine
This production line (shot blasting) is mainly used for steel plate shot blasting, rust removal and painting, cleaning of structural parts and cleaning of oxide scale. In addition, the production line (shot blasting) is also used to clean the oxide scale and residual coating of other metal parts.


The equipment is a complete brand new equipment (including all parts, components and accessories) produced by our company. It has the characteristics of advanced technology, durable, reasonable structure design, easy to operate, easy to maintenance and low operating cost.

Technical data

Steel plateWidth500-16001000-20001000-25001000-35001000-350010000-4000
Structure partsMax. width16008002500150035004000
Max, height500300400800400500
Max. length2000-120002400-120002000-120002400-120002000-120002400-15000
Roller conveyorPermission load111.5222

Function of Shot Blasting Machine :

Descaling, Derusting

Paint Stripping, Coating Removal

Core Removal, Sand Removal

Shot Peening

Surface Cleaning


High-pressure Water Jet Blasting,

Satin Finish Wet Blasting

Painting, Rust Protection

Surface Finishing


Quality and After-sale Assurance

Our company has a modern scientific research center, advanced production equipment and industry talents. Through continuous innovation, it has always been in the leading position in the shot blasting machine industry. The KNNJOO team continues to meet the market's demand for shot blasting machines through joint efforts.

We promises that the name, model, specification and quantity of the equipment comply with the technical agreement. Guarantee that the equipment is excellent in craftsmanship, free from defects in design, materials, and workmanship, and meet customer needs.

we will provide service on installation and commissioning , no worry about after sales.

All equipment is delivered after passing the quality inspection and debugging.

Trade Term

Price Terms: EXW, FOB, CIF
Payment Terms: 30% as deposit, and 70% before delivery
Lead Time: 20-90 days depends on machine size and quantities

Some customers are as follows



w.png What is a shot blast machine?

dd.png A shot blaster is a machine that controls the flow or stream of fine metal beads as they are forcibly projected against a surface by mechanical acceleration.

w.png What material is used for shot blasting?

dd.png Types of metal abrasives used in shot blasting include steel grit, copper shots, and aluminum pellets. Other methods of shot blasting use silica sand, glass beads, synthetic materials like sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), and even agricultural materials like crushed kernels.

w.png Will shot blasting remove rust?

dd.png Shot blasting is the process of abrading the surface of a metal workpiece to remove rust, dirt and other solidified contaminants by hurling a high speed stream of tiny pieces of stainless steel that resemble buckshot. It is capable of deburring, shaping and texturing a surface.

w.png What is the difference between sandblasting and shot blasting?

dd.png Essentially, the sandblasting process uses compressed air to shoot some form of abrasive media like sand against the product being treated. Shotblasting employs centrifugal force from a mechanical device to propel treatment media upon the product.

Online Consultation

In order to provide you the suitable machine , pls offer below message for us

》What is the workpiece? What material does it made of? and shape ?
》The Max. Length/Width/Height of the workpiece
》The Max./Min.Weight of the workpiece 
》The output of blasting ( how many tons or pcs per day) 
》The power supply ( China :380V, 3PH, 50HZ)  
》Better to send us the workpiece photo or drawing.