Steel Strip Shot Blasting Machine for Rust Removing
The steel strip shot blasting machine is a kind of shot blasting cleaning equipment that is widely used in industries such as steel, automobiles, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, and casting.


The steel strip shot blasting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment specially used for cleaning the surface of steel strips.

It is mainly composed of shot blasters, shot circulation systems, steel strip conveying systems, cleaning chambers, dust removal systems, and other components.

During operation, the shot blaster shoots the high-speed projected shots onto the surface of the steel strip. By utilizing the impact and friction of the shots, it removes attachments such as oxide scale, rust, welding slag, and dust on the surface of the steel strip, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning and strengthening the surface of the steel strip.

This equipment has the advantages of high cleaning efficiency, good effect, and high degree of automation. It can significantly improve the surface quality and subsequent processing performance of the steel strip. At the same time, the equipped dust removal system can effectively collect and treat the dust generated during the shot blasting process, reducing environmental pollution.

Technology parameters:

We will recommend you the right machine according to the workpiece and your requirement.







Workpiece wideth(mm)





Workpiece thickness(mm)





Cleaning speed(m/min)





Quantity of blast wheel ( set)





Power of blast wheel(KW)







The steel strip shot blasting machine, by adopting a high-speed rotating shot blasting wheel, can quickly remove impurities such as oxide scale, rust, and dirt on the workpiece surface, improve the smoothness and roughness of the workpiece surface, and thereby significantly enhance the coating adhesion and corrosion resistance.

The design of this equipment takes environmental protection factors into account. Through a closed-cycle system, the waste and dust after shot blasting are effectively collected and filtered, reducing environmental pollution and energy consumption.

Furthermore, the steel strip shot blasting machine uses high-quality key components such as shot blasting wheels, motors, and reducers. It features high strength, high wear resistance, and high reliability, and is capable of stable operation for a long time.

Its structure is reasonable and compact. It uses an indexing wheel for rough processing of the workpieces, improving the working efficiency and accuracy. The automatic centering function can prevent the collision between the hook and the workpiece. The electrical components are arranged inside the machine body, facilitating maintenance.

It is fully equipped with safety protection devices to prevent personal accidents. The main components are all made of high-quality materials to ensure quality and service life.

It is convenient and safe to operate, has high production efficiency and good economic benefits, and is an ideal equipment for removing various iron oxide scales and surface stains and rust.


Working principle

The steel strip shot blasting machine is mainly composed of a feeding system, a cleaning system, a discharging system, a control system, an electric motor, etc.

Firstly, the workpiece enters the cleaning chamber through the feeding system, and then is thrown onto the workpiece surface by the high-speed rotating impeller in the cleaning system to remove the surface contaminants.

After the cleaning is completed, the workpiece is sent out of the cleaning chamber through the discharging system.

In the cleaning system, the steel strip shot blasting machine adopts a high-speed rotating impeller, on which hundreds to thousands of steel shots are installed.

When the electric motor starts, the impeller begins to rotate at high speed, and the steel shots fly out accordingly.

While the steel shots are thrown out, they also wash away the contaminants on the workpiece surface.

The contact force and impact force between the steel shots and the workpiece surface can effectively remove the surface contaminants and achieve the desired cleaning effect.

 In order to give you the suitable machine , pls provide below message for us :

1. What is your workpiece and the material and the shape ?
2.The Max. Length/Width/Height of the workpiece and the MAX./MIN.weight of your workpiece ?

3.The productity you need to blasting the workpiece ( how many T or piece per day or per month?) 
4. The power supply you need( Our China :380V, 3PH, 50HZ)  
5. Better to send us the workpiece photo or drawing.

Quality and After-sale Assurance

Our company has a modern scientific research center, advanced production equipment and industry talents. Through continuous innovation, it has always been in the leading position in the shot blasting machine industry. The KNNJOO team continues to meet the market's demand for shot blasting machines through joint efforts.

We promises that the name, model, specification and quantity of the equipment comply with the technical agreement. Guarantee that the equipment is excellent in craftsmanship, free from defects in design, materials, and workmanship, and meet customer needs.

we will provide service on installation and commissioning , no worry about after sales.

All equipment is delivered after passing the quality inspection and debugging.

Trade Term

Price Terms: EXW, FOB, CIF
Payment Terms: 30% as deposit, and 70% before delivery
Lead Time: 20-90 days depends on machine size and quantities

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In order to provide you the suitable machine , pls offer below message for us

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》The Max. Length/Width/Height of the workpiece
》The Max./Min.Weight of the workpiece 
》The output of blasting ( how many tons or pcs per day) 
》The power supply ( China :380V, 3PH, 50HZ)  
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